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Our work

The Commission receives and investigates complaints about the conduct of lawyers, their employees and people who act as a lawyer when they are not qualified.

We can help with:

  • poor service or communication
  • unethical behaviour of a lawyer, such as dishonesty, contacting another solicitor's client, or failing to properly disclose matters
  • breaches of the Legal Profession Act 2007 or any rules set by the Bar Association of Queensland or Queensland Law Society
  • threatening or abusive behaviour
  • a person acting as a lawyer when they are not qualified
  • complaints about a lawyer who has failed to provide a legal service with at least reasonable care and skill and whose failure causes the client to suffer financial or other loss
  • unexpected billing or legal costs—while we don’t have the power to resolve cost disputes, we can investigate whether a law practice has provided a proper costs disclosure.

We may be able to help with:

  • a lawyer acting contrary to, or without, instructions
  • unreasonable delays
  • misappropriation of trust money
  • a conflict of interest
  • communication delays
  • rudeness.

We can’t:

  • provide legal advice or represent you
  • intervene in a matter that is currently before a court or tribunal and the Commission's complaint processes have no impact on other court proceeding
  • help you recover money owed to you or resolve disputes over legal costs
  • help with claims for negligence, including making findings about whether a negligence claim can be proved or awarding damages to compensate for any loss resulting from negligent actions.

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