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Regulatory Guides

The Legal Services Commission publishes regulatory guides which set out the factors we take into account in exercising our regulatory responsibilities in grey areas where it is uncertain how a lawyer’s professional obligations apply, most relevantly our responsibilities:

  • to mediate consumer disputes including costs disputes between lawyers and their clients; and
  • to decide after investigating a lawyer’s conduct if it is inconsistent with his or her  professional obligations and whether to commence disciplinary proceedings.
We believe that this no more than lawyers and users of legal services alike are entitled to expect of a transparent and accountable regulator.

For information about the regulatory guides, how we will go about developing them and - importantly - their status, see: Regulatory Guides: An Overview (PDF, 158.8 KB).

For the Commission's latest draft regulatory guides see the Consultations page.

Regulatory Guides issued to date

  1. Charging Outlays and Disbursements (PDF, 152.9 KB)
  2. Advertising Personal Injury Services (PDF, 187.0 KB)  
  3. Charging Fees in Speculative Personal Injury Matters (PDF, 185.8 KB)
  4. Advertising Personal Injury Services on the Internet (PDF, 173.8 KB)
  5. Advertising Personal Injury Services on Internet Search Engines and Non-Lawyer Websites (PDF, 158.5 KB)
  6. Itemised Bills (PDF, 186.1 KB)  &  Explanatory Notes (PDF, 171.2 KB)
  7. The Application of the Australian Consumer Law to Lawyers (PDF, 249.6 KB)
  8. Billing Practices - Some Key Principles (PDF, 313.3 KB)
  9. Fixed Fee Cost Agreements (PDF, 205.8 KB)

Draft Guides in preparation

•    Care and Consideration draft Regulatory Guide (PDF, 181.5 KB)

Further information regarding the draft guides is located on the Consultations page.

Last reviewed
5 September 2014
Last updated
5 September 2014

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