Addressing client concerns

Every organisation requires robust processes for handling feedback. When addressing client concerns it is important to ensure there is a sound process in place and any staff who implement the process remain calm, and where necessary, are able to detached themselves from the information and situation they may be dealing with.

Be positive and show a willingness to hear the complaintGet emotional or defensive
Speak with the client and let them know the steps you will take
to investigate and seek to resolve the complaint
Promise to correct a complaint until you have had time to investigate it fully
Contact the client by phone or in person as soon as possible
once a complaint has been received
Reject the complaint without considering it in context
Get a neutral member of staff to assist you in your communication with the client, and assist with the internal investigation and resolution processBe condescending or critical of the client
Try to see the situation from the client's point of viewLet client service issues escalate to complaints
Document the resolution process you take, including the path to resolution and what changes you may need to implement to prevent another occurrence