Best practice

Applying a best practice approach involves adopting work or business practices that are tailored to your organisation. This will help to achieve and maintain quality services for your clients.

All legal practitioners should review their business, legal, and administration practices on a regular basis to ensure currency, compliance, and approaches are in place to measure client satisfaction. These processes should be tailored to the way the business works, the needs of clients, and the organisational culture. Strive for best practices that suit the individual business, client, and staff needs.

A good way to begin may be to identify:

  • the current state of the business
  • the desired future state of the business
  • the steps and processes that need to be implemented to achieve the desired future state.

Document any changes and formulate measures to gauge whether the changes have been successful. Regular quality assessments of the legal, administrative and business practices may also help to assess whether the changes are leading the business to the  identified desired future state.

Conducting a quality assessment of the legal and administrative practices may also assist with reaching the business' best practice goals.

If you are unable to find the time or experience required, consider 'contracting in' the skills and experience the business needs.