Safeguarding the business from a complaint

There are a number of ways to safeguard a business from a complaint. While each business should conduct an internal assessment of their legal, business and administrative processes, some suggestions are provided below.

Improving Legal Service Quality

  1. Learn from businesses with successful practices.
  2. Keep up to date and be open to incorporating change into business processes.
  3. Identify real or perceived gaps in practice management.
  4. Review the client management processes, identify any gaps, and improve where necessary.
  5. Understand the best approach to gaining and maintaining client confidence and loyalty.
  6. Include client service as a quality measure for the business and staff.
  7. Respond to all calls to the firm politely and professionally.
  8. Provide feedback and status updates to clients on their matter, and respond promptly to their queries and concerns.
  9. Check that the file tracking systems provides timely file progress information.
  10. Manage clients’ expectations through communication – explain any delays, changes to
    processes or increases in costs.
  11. Implement a complaint handling procedure within the firm and ensure staff are aware of the process.
  12. Respond to all client feedback in a timely, polite, and appropriate way.