Providing feedback to the Commission


At the end of most matters the Legal Services Commission will ask both the Respondent and the Complainant for feedback.

Feedback about the way the Legal Services Commission may have dealt with a matter can also be given directly to the Officer on the matter or by emailing the Commission at

Any feedback, issues, or concerns about the service, conduct or regulatory obligations of the Legal Services Commission are taken seriously.

If you are dissatisfied with how your matter was handled, the information below may provide some assistance.

Issues or concerns

To enable the Legal Services Commission to deal with any issues or concerns promptly, they should be raised with the Officer handling the matter. The most effective and efficient way to resolve the issue or concern is by phoning the Officer and speaking with them directly.

In the event the Officer is unavailable by phone, leave a message and they will respond to your request by return call or in writing as soon as possible.

If you remain unhappy with the response from the Officer, ask to speak to the Director of Investigations who will be able to discuss your concerns and possible options.

The Legal Services Commission aims to resolve issues and concerns informally. However, if after contacting both the Officer and the Director of Investigations you remain dissatisfied, you may choose to make a formal complaint.

For more information see our complaint management policy.

In the event the concerns were not resolved informally, a formal complaint may be made. Formal complaints must be in writing and addressed to:

The Legal Services Commissioner
Legal Services Commission
PO Box 10310
Brisbane Adelaide Street Qld 4000

Formal complaints can be emailed to:

After making a complaint

  • Within 14 days, the Legal Services Commissioner will send an acknowledgement of the complaint.
  • After assessing the complaint, the Commissioner may decide that an investigation is required.
  • The Commissioner will then conduct an independent assessment of the content of the complaint and will undertake to resolve the matter.
  • The Commissioner will provide a written response and outcome within 28-60 days depending on the complexity of the investigation.

If concerns remain after an internal investigation has been conducted, depending on the nature of the concern, a complaint may be made to an external agency such as the Queensland Ombudsman.

However, if the complaint was about a breach of privacy and there are concerns with how the Legal Services Commission may have dealt with the complaint, these concerns may be made to the Information Commissioner.