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Discipline - Overview

The Legal Services Commission (LSC) is the sole body empowered under the Legal Profession Act 2007 (the Act) to initiate and prosecute disciplinary proceedings against lawyers and law practice employees. We make the decision to initiate a discipline application subject to our Discipline Application Guidelines.

The Act authorises the LSC to make discipline applications in either of two disciplinary bodies - the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) in relation to more serious matters and the Legal Practice Committee (LPC) in relation to less serious matters.

The Act requires us to publish a register of disciplinary action taken under the Act - that is to say, of every order of a disciplinary body or court finding a lawyer guilty of professional misconduct. We recommend that you read the explanatory notes before you access the discipline register for the first time.

Several of our counterpart regulators in the other states and territories also keep discipline registers on their websites of disciplinary action taken by the disciplinary bodies and the courts in their local jurisdictions. To view, refer to The interstate discipline registers.

We also publish comprehensive listings of the disciplinary and other relevant regulatory decisions made by the Queensland disciplinary bodies and courts. Those listings include links to every published decision since the commencement of the Legal Services Commission in 2004, of the Queensland disciplinary bodies and courts in relation to disciplinary and related matters including not only decisions that find lawyers guilty of professional misconduct but also decisions that find lawyers guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct. They include links also to selected other decisions of the courts that we believe make new or important statements of law or principle relevant to the disciplinary process and/or lawyers' professional obligations.

Last reviewed
1 May 2018
Last updated
1 May 2018

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