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Women in the law in Queensland

This LSC project is being conducted in collaboration with Dr Francesca Bartlett of the University of Queensland following the LSC's consistent observation from routine analysis of its database that women solicitors are less than a third likely to have complaints made about them than are male solicitors.    An early literature review demonstrates that while these lower figures are seen consistently in other countries, there has been very little research on this topic. In the course of our research we have found there are gaps in demographic data for women solicitors and so a brief survey was circulated to fill those knowledge gaps and help in the understanding of this anomaly. Focus groups have also been held with women lawyers in Queensland, to further understand how women experience legal practice.    Francesca Bartlett and Lyn Aitken presented a paper to the International Legal Ethics Conference describing this research and its results, which is available in this document. It is a proof of an article published in the Griffith Law Review. The finalised manuscript is available on-line through AGIS Full Text and Hein Online.

Professional discipline against female lawyers in Queensland (PDF, 2.2 MB)

Competence in Caring in Legal Practice (PDF, 148.5 KB) - article written by Francesca Bartlett and Dr Lyn Aitken. This article is concerned with the stories of female solicitors working in Queensland, Australia, and their account of ethics in practice. These narratives were sought and made in the context of our project investigating complaints received against practitioners in this jurisdiction. Our interviews with female lawyers were intended to provide more insight into complaints matters.

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17 April 2012
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3 April 2012

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