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    We are committed to communicate what we learn as we go about our work. We do not want to be confined to a reactive approach - to moving in only after problems have occurred - but to complement our complaints-handling role with a preventative and ethical capacity building approach.

    We plan to publish a series of regulatory guides as an important part of that approach. The guides will help both lawyers and users of legal services better understand how a lawyer’s professional obligations apply in practice in grey areas where their application can be uncertain. We will develop the guides in consultation with the professional bodies, with the lawyers whose conduct we seek to influence and wherever possible with users of legal services also.

    Overview of Regulatory Guides

    For further information about the regulatory guides, how we will go about developing them and - importantly - their status, see: Regulatory Guides: An Overview (PDF, 158.8 KB).

    Open consultations

    There are currently no proposed Regulatory Guides issued for submissions or comments.

    How to make a submission

    Please send us your comments by email at It will help us if you enter the title of the guide you are commenting upon in the subject line. We will acknowledge receipt of your email. Alternatively you can send us your comments by post at PO Box 10310 Adelaide St, Brisbane, Qld, 4000.

    We plan in the interests of transparency to publish any comments and submissions we receive on our website. We will however respect any requests to treat a submission as confidential. If you want your submissions to be treated as confidential, please clearly identify them as such. We will not publish submissions which contain material we believe to be derogatory or defamatory.

    Please feel free to contact us by email if you have any queries, or to suggest topics for future regulatory guides, with the words ‘practice compliance’ in the subject line of your email.

    Closed consultations

    Charging care and consideration on top of time-costed bills
    Released 30 April 2014. Comments closed 7 July 2014.
    Draft guide (PDF, 181.5 KB)
    Read E-newsletter Issue 12 (PDF, 25.2 KB)
    Guide under review

    Lump sum costs agreements (released as Fixed Fee Cost Agreements)

    Released 20 November 2012. Comments closed 28 February 2013.
    Draft guide (PDF, 185.6 KB)
    Read E-newsletter Issue 7 (PDF, 74.7 KB)
    Regulatory Guide 9 - Fixed Fee Cost Agreements (PDF, 205.8 KB)

    Billing Practices - Key Principles

    Released 9 March 2012. Comments closed 27 April 2012.
    Draft guide (PDF, 207.7 KB)
    Read E-newsletter Issue 4 (PDF, 36.2 KB)
    Regulatory Guide 8 - Billing Practices - Some Key Principles (PDF, 313.3 KB)

    The Application of the Australian Consumer Law to Lawyers

    Released 5 December 2011. Comments closed 30 January 2012.
    Draft guide (PDF, 226.9 KB)
    Read E-newsletter Issue 3 (PDF, 256.4 KB)
    Regulatory Guide 7 - The Application of the Australian Consumer Law to Lawyers (PDF, 249.6 KB)

    Itemised Bills

    Released 26 October 2011. Comments closed 30 November 2011.
    Draft guide (PDF, 135.2 KB)
    Read E-newsletter 1 (PDF, 38.7 KB)
    Regulatory Guide 6 - Itemised Bills (PDF, 186.1 KB)
    Explanatory Notes to Regulatory Guide 6 (PDF, 171.2 KB)

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    24 September 2014
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    24 September 2014

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